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The covid 19 has certainly changed things around and we are not only in the midst of a global pandemic but it has certainly created a dent in the economies as well. As much as we want the situation to change rapidly it is an unsaid fact that we all have to comprehensively adopt to newer ways of managing work and going the digital way has to be one of the top priorities. But the underlying question is – Would that be the only way out? As we focus on covid health, economic and social hindrances what can we expect from Technology?

We got all of these answered during the webinar as the

Co-Founder of Scaleneworks Ashish Tiwari was in conversation with a Technology Entrepreneur

Sriram Iyer-Co founder of Trantor-California to get perspectives on Technology Transformation and Techies to prepare everyone for a post pandemic world

When asked how can an organization differentiate between crisis management v/s long term management Sriram very precisely explains on staying focused on it’s key objectives while remaining flexible to adjust. He exclaims crisis for now is the corona and the normal isn’t coming back as yet. Considering this, companies may have to shift focus from efficiency to resilience.

He handpicks 3 important focus areas for a CEO -Colleagues, Customers and Cash


The First Pillar – Colleague
  • The safety of colleagues become utmost important. Building and maintaining close relationship with customer irrespective of what sector we are in. One has to also figure out the humongous difference between managing and mentoring while working with your respective teams. The art of bonding with one another and have a certain level of levity and informality is the key. The next obvious thing would be the team building exercise that has to be given equal importance.
  • Remote working amplifies if there is any lack of clarity in the organization and so companies that are outcome based approach would definitely fare far better than the rest. Therefore the need to rely on technological tools-it could be for better engagement, better track on performance or assimilation of team culture people got to be adaptable to these.


Second Pillar – Customers
  • Going forward there will definitely be increase in customer requests and the complexity of these requests would differ and go a notch higher. So proactive outreach, personalization, better self-service tools to the customers and digitization is an ideal thing to do. One of the other aspect to it is getting the confidence of the customers and be transparent and making them understand that we have the capability to deal with situations or the crisis and also changing the demand preferences.


Third Pillar – Cash
  • Cash being one of the most vital resources, we understood the secret ingredient for a successful financial planning would be the open planning session with the customer, understand their financial future and constraints if there are any and see how we could help and partner with them making sure we have considered theirs but also taken interest into our security as well. Above these building an efficiency program for short and long term is an ideal thing to do.

While all of these programs are implemented, customers and colleagues need to be reassured that is a transparent process and clear communication is an important aspect to be practiced. Until the time before covid the primary importance was given to digitalization for customer journey alone however post covid employees shall be considered as a persona for digitalization

Getting a little deeper in knowing about the scope for outsourcing going forward we got insights from Sriram that there would be more focus given to Robotic Process Automation from the mechanical ones. Especially if you look at the HR companies doing the HR business operations-outsourcing there would be significant automation seen in this space.

Lastly we also got a few takeaways for budding entrepreneurs – Going forward considering the mode of work has changed, a lot has to be well thought through on reaching the audience and hence the marketing and sales becomes all the more significant and having a clear cut  path on the industry ,scale that one needs to tap on to and most importantly weighing the risk factors and seeing to that the funds last was his take.

Finally, we also got  handpicked suggestions on what employees could do during this time and a few top of the list were upskilling oneself with various online sources available, investing time in absolutely learning new things which you wouldn’t have if not for this time, working on interpersonal skills because that will be most needed and above everything is  understanding the big picture of how each of your work contributes to the larger objective would be the best thing to do.

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