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In what ways Can Staffing Companies Help Business

The hiring process is one of the most tedious, and yet vital, parts of running an organisation. One needs to make sure that the selected candidate helps in the overall workflow of the company. A bad hire can become a cog in a well-oiled machine.A staffing agency will utilise their pre-existing database of screened and tested candidates to provide quality professionals and reduce the time taken in the hiring process. Read on for some benefits of utilising a Staffing Company and a list of all the customized hiring options that they provide.

Why Use a Staffing Firm?


Other than providing the best of services to their customers, businesses are also about making a profit. There is no better cost-efficient way of going about it than hiring a staffing agency. Companies have been known to save resources on advertisements, pre-employment training, testing, onboarding, and creating payroll databases by employing staffing firms. Staffing firms help by providing a temporary workforce that can be integrated into the company. This way beginner companies can save money as they will not be required to provide them with health insurance.

Increased rate of hiring 

It is very difficult to find professionals who can fill a position that requires exceptional skills and experience. Sifting through resumes and conducting individual interviews can cause a lot of workload on the hiring team and still doesn’t guarantee success. A staffing firm has the necessary resources and well-designed techniques that can help you find the right person for the task. They can easily jump into their pool of candidates and also handle the necessary paperwork to better streamline the hiring process. 

Qualified Talent Pool 

Staffing firms manage a lot of professionals throughout the year. This helps them create a database of people with varying levels of expertise from all professional fields imaginable. Their databases include people who have been assessed and screened from previous jobs and have the idea of where they fit best. Whenever a company contacts one of these agencies finding the right person for the job is as simple as scrolling through a list and shortlisting the most suitable candidates. This helps provide a quick and quality response to one’s requests.

Better Flexibility

Companies are known to take on projects which they can handle themselves but may lack a certain perspective. Staffing firms can help in providing the solution to this temporary set back. They will send over a candidate that best matches the company’s needs. Once the project is over, the employers will have no obligation to extend long term commitments to the candidate. Even when discussing long term staffing, staffing agencies come handy. They provide the option of hiring a candidate for a short time, and only when satisfied, the company can offer them a more permanent position.

Career Mentorship

Staffing firms are not all about helping the client and believe that they also have a responsibility towards the candidates and their satisfaction. Throughout the hiring process, a staffing firm will play the role of a mentor to the candidate representing them. This help can vary from helping them create an eye-catching resume, all the way to preparing them for the interview, and informing them about the tactics of negotiating salary. As the candidate represents themselves and the firm itself, they take the preparation of the candidate very seriously. 

Customized Job Hiring

The hiring process is a varying one and changes based on the current requirement for the company. Based on your requirement, a staffing firm can provide the following customized options for hiring for your company. 

Contingency Search

A Contingency Search is best used when the company is looking to fill an open position. This is a very cost-effective option as the staffing firms are paid only for every successful search result. The staffing firm is paid a percentage of the candidate’s starting salary. In case the candidate doesn’t seem like a good fit after some time has passed then the firm will refund you the fee or find a better replacement.

Contract Recruiting

A contract to recruit is best-suited for companies looking to hire a large number of employees. Rather than finding you the candidates, the firm will send a recruiter over to the client company. The recruiter will work under the direction of the client company at their local office. Usually, the staffing firm and the recruiter will be paid a steady salary irrespective of the number of new hires, but this may vary from firm to firm. This method of recruiting is a good alternative to contingency search and best suited for companies that are short-staffed in their HR department.

Temporary Help

Temporary hire is one of the most common services that a staffing agency generally provides. To provide this service staffing firms recruit and screen several candidates to create a large pool of qualified professionals. From this pool, the agency can send out employees to fill temporary positions. These positions may vary from simple reception duties to executive positions. Companies favour temporary help as it helps them remain flexible, have access to varying talent, and make a more informed decision for permanent hire. 

Freelance/Contract Help

Freelance or Contract help is just another version of temporary help. The basis of employment remains the same. The hire is for a short duration or a single project. However, freelance work is generally used to refer to designers, technology experts, and other highly skilled professionals.

Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore Outsourcing refers to employing people from offshore countries. It is a very common method utilized in some of the top companies today. This type of hiring helps companies keep their expenditure limited as offshore employees are known to work for reduced salaries. This option also helps clients tap into the untouched potential which resides in offshore professionals.

On-site management

Under this arrangement, the staffing firm will send some of its internal professionals to the client company. They may come as temporary help or as a contingency search. This option is best suited for clients that require repeating staffing needs or a better liaison with the hiring manager.


The Payrolling option is where there is a reversal of roles and the client identifies the candidate they want to hire but puts them on the staffing firm’s payroll. This option generally opts when hiring casual labor, re-hiring former employees, or in case the company can’t hire a permanent candidate due to budgetary or policy conflict. 


Staffing agencies are known to reduce about 50% of the workload and expenditure that goes into new hires. They simplify the process by using the database of professionals that they have created over the years and by providing the customized hiring options mentioned above. They are good options for budding companies and large industries alike. 

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