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Why Outsource Hiring?

The entire HR recruitment process is extremely expensive and time-consuming. All the effort, interviewing hundreds of applicants only to choose a couple or maybe none. Although the process is tiring, the need for the right kind of talent is crucial, a fact which is often under looked by most employers. No matter what the kind of business, without the right talent, it will just not succeed.

The recruitment-related department is always under high pressure. Though there are millions of fresh talents coming out every year, all companies are behind that one handful of the best fit. If you decide to take up the responsibility of hiring on yourself, then what you might end up doing is pick the best out of worst and make do with it when you could have reached to the best of best and lured them in.

Due to all these challenges, it is only wise to bring in an expert team to do the hiring for you. It makes your work way easier and lets you focus on your aim than worry about hiring people. Hiring is not a single task, it is a pile of responsibilities like searching, identifying, attracting, and choosing talent along with dealing with insurance, paperwork, background checks and whatnot. There are multiple advantages in using an RPO agency to hire new staff.

Ability to identify and access genuine talent

Being experts in the field, we know where exactly to search and what to search for. We work with both employers and employees giving us a vast experience in the field. Moreover, we are trained to find bad signs in a candidate that are not recognizable at first look. We have divided our work into many subcategories with employees working under very specific categories they excel in. This makes our outcome come out perfect because we ensure every step is done by an expert.

Dividing work always comes in handy as you can solely focus on that one very specific department you have been working with. You will know the A to Z of that topic which gives you an advantage over anyone else who has to dribble with more than one feature of work.

Many a time, the perfect fit for your job is not found among the ones that apply for the job. It is usually the passive candidate who is not desperately searching for a job but is willing to do one, given the opportunity. When people like those end up getting a job, they will be doing the job out of likeness for it and not because circumstances made them too. They chose to work in that company and in that field even though they did not have to.

Hence, finding people like that for an HR department within a company can come close to impossible. This is where the contacts that we have built over the years come in handy. Talents like these cannot be found in regular platforms. You will have to go in search of them and approach them unlike the rest of the candidates. This is where we have an upper hand because of our vast contacts.

Time saved

In business, there is no denial of the fact that time is money, with the limited amount of time and piling up of work, your company needs an RPO agency like us to get you what you need in the least time possible so that those piled up work has someone at the receiving end to get the work done. With the rise in population and the number of students passing out of colleges every year, imagine the number of people looking for jobs; jobs that are even out of their field. Now imagine what happens when you put out the news that you need employees. In no time you will receive thousands of applicants. This can be a good thing if you had all the time in the world to go through each one of them and find the best fit. Unfortunately, when you begin your day by going to a drive-in cafe for coffee and breakfast on your way to work instead of making a fresh cup at home, which honestly takes five minutes, it is made clear that you do not have any time to spare, let alone all the time in the world. Hand over that work to an RPO agency and voila, you will be right back on time with your focus on your aim.

Negotiate salaries

You would think that all your tiring work has come to an end and sigh of relief when you have finally chosen the person you think is best for your company. Unfortunately, when you get to the salary and benefits talk, you will soon realize that you are worlds apart from agreeing. We as a Recruitment agency can help with all that burden by letting the candidates know about the other competing businesses of the same industry. Since we are not directly a part of your company, they have reasons to trust us when we talk about other companies as we will not do the company’s PR work.

Deliver contractors as needed

Since the gig economy, today is very unpredictable, there are days when you need more staff and days you need way less than you already have. Although it is not acceptable for you to hire and fire according to the economy, all you have to do is tell us your needs or plans for projects, and we will hire your talents temporarily so that you have just the right amount of staff at all times. You will always come across different type of contractors. The unfortunate part is that most of the time, you do not realize that a contractor is bad until you start working with them. However, by then it will be too late to do something about it and even if you decide to act on it, you will end up losing a lot of money and time, both of which are crucial in businesses.

Irrespective of how good of deception your contractor can pull off, there are still a few things which can help you identify a good contractor. The best contractors will always tell you an impartial review of the current business processes. They will also let you know about bad practices wherever appropriate. Their expertise in the field will tell you what practices will increase efficiency. Transparency will be maintained irrespective of anything.

Build a lasting relationship

It becomes vital to maintain a lasting relationship with your recruitment agency or staffing agency. This is because, irrespective of helping you with permanent staffing or temporary staffing, they will have done thorough research on how your company works. They will have a clear understanding of your company culture and its needs. Hence, once they are done with a particular Recruitment need, in the future when you want more staff, you reaching out to the same company will save a lot of time as they would already know your right fit of Recruitment needs.

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