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HR Operations and Automation

In the technological age, businesses have turned to automate a lot of the daily tasks to turn their focus better towards providing better service to their customers. One of the responsibilities which have taken to automation the most is Human resources (HR) roles. The main roles of the HR representative are to hire new members, their training, and making sure that the local labour laws are complied with. With the current development in automated HR applications, all these jobs have become quite easy. This blog post discusses some of the tasks that an HR process software can carry out along with some of its benefits.

What can be Automated?

Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding involves the induction of new hires and squaring away all the necessary formalities to make them a member of the organisation. It includes collecting the required documents, verifying them, providing access to company resources, device requests, etc. As the job is very tedious and time-consuming, it is better to take the help of an Employee Onboarding app. The application will follow a simple checklist which the users can refer to. The application will automate the process by collecting documentation electronically and delivering devices to the new hire without the hassle of sending an IT staff.

Tracking timesheets

Timesheets are supposed to help us track the amount of time that we spend at different projects and how to best manage our time. However, keeping track of timesheets is very time consuming, ironically, and just increases one’s workload. It is a simple task that takes too many work hours and is better off automated. By using tools that can help you keep track of employee timesheets. These applications help in categorizing the tasks that need to be performed in a day and are integrated with a self-learning AI which helps make them very accurate when compared to manual timesheets.

Leave Requests

Processing leave requests is an important task when looked at from an HR point of view. Other than approving a leave, the HR representative must calculate the leave balance, inform the manager and tag the leave for payroll analysis. Leave Management software automates all of the above-mentioned responsibilities at the click of a button. Every request is categorised and filed meticulously, so there is no chance to lose track of a request. Workflow is completed with an hour and the employee is provided with a record of approved leave.

Performance Management

Tracking and analysing an employee’s performance takes time and this information is better served instantaneously. Automating Performance Management helps reduce time and also better streamline the process. The instant evaluations of an employee’s work are appreciated by them and also helps the higher management to keep a better track of how well their business is doing. Automating performance management also helps in reducing bias-based evaluation.

Exit Interviews

Offboarding an employee is a delicate process and needs to be done with care to better engage with employees. Though important, the manual paperwork behind it takes too much time. Automating the exit interview process will not only reduce the time required to carry out this process, but it also helps in identifying potential problems. The data collected can be used to better one’s understanding of what an employee expects and how to better employee retention.

Analytics and metrics

To improve the output of the company management and HR need actionable data. Since most of the time is now spent in collecting the data and less on analysis of the collected data. Automating data analysis will help companies in collecting data and analysing it quickly. The final product will be a decrypted report of what the data represents. The report will be accurate and void of any common human errors. The management can study this report and find ways to improve business turnover and workload management.

Payroll services

Payroll involves calculating and keeping track of a lot of assets and money. Taking charge of payroll responsibilities manually can lead to many human errors and cost the company dearly. According to the American Payroll Association (APA), businesses that have integrated payroll automation have reported a reduction in payroll costs by 80% and little to no errors in invoices. Payroll automation also helps in automating one’s tax filing process to meet deadlines early and avoid any penalties

Predictive modelling

Predictive modelling or analytics is one of the best advantages of using an automated tool. It is an expansion of the analytics and metric tool that is available in HR automation software. It helps analyze one’s data and give actionable solutions, but at the same time predict the best course of action to better the business output.

The predictive analysis involves four basic steps; scanning, planning, producing, and predicting. Using these steps the software will be able to provide services like risk modelling, talent forecasting, turnover modelling and much more.

The Benefits of HR Process Automation HR Process Automation has allowed businesses to better streamline the management of their most important asset, humans. The following are some of the main benefits that come with automating HR Processes.

* The data is collected and analysed quickly to provide actionable reports. This helps by saving time and providing accurate data.

* Automated tools help in increasing employee engagement and effectively reduces employee turnover.

* As most of the HR work involves filling forms and keeping written records, automated tools help reduce paper-based expenditure.

* Automated tools also help in reducing policy violation based problems. * The analytical data provided by the automated tools and subsequently help reduce operational costs and improve efficient hiring

* As everything is organised amicably, automated tools help avoid data entry errors caused by the loss of important documents.

* Well created reports help in making informed future decisions.

* These tools work as a social platform that helps with engaging other stakeholders from improved hiring and training processes.


With the current advancements made in automated tools, every business is looking into the best ways to integrate them. A sector like HR, with tremendous amounts of paperwork and individual focus on each employee, has shown a lot of progress by using HR process automation tools. With these tools becoming a norm everywhere, HR staff members should learn to adapt to this new change and begin to understand these tools for an efficient workflow.

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